Sunday, May 17, 2015

Legendary Heroes

Looks like next year I get to add another great show to my weekly lineup thanks to the team that brought hit shows such as CW’s Arrow and The Flash enter DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. (see show synopsis below)

When heroes alone are not enough… the world needs legends. Having seen the future, one he will desperately try to prevent from happening, time-traveling rogue Rip Hunter is tasked with assembling a disparate group of both heroes and villains to confront an unstoppable threat — one in which not only is the planet at stake, but all of time itself. Can this ragtag team defeat an immortal threat unlike anything they have ever known

This show supports the notion I have expressed in a past post, in that Arrow is creatingsomething special for fans not only in its story following Oliver Queen’s journey but that of other heroes who aspire to continue what he has started. That seems to be the theme heading out of Arrow this season, Oliver had started something that will continue to grow and move on long after he is gone.

Legends of Tomorrow will no doubt continue to carry through rich compelling story telling just as its predecessor; however this show feels as if it will give us a much needed change up with its approach as the show will continue to drive home the more mystic, fanatical side of the DC universe with its time travel. One of the most compelling things within the trailer is the resurrection of Caity Lotz’s character Sara who was killed at the beginning of the season. Seeing her shot full of arrows and falling off a building took fans of the show by surprise. Thanks to the inclusion of Ras Al Ghul and his Lazarus Pit, this takes yet another page out of a Batman storyline as former Robin, Jason Todd, was brought back to life via the Lazarus Pit after being killed by the Joker.

 The second most exciting thing is the show’s villain, Vandel Savage, who happens to be the villain I chose during my Justice League casting call 2 years ago. After watching his character on the Justice League animated series as well as Young Justice, I always felt he was just as dangerous as the Joker, just as cunning as the Riddler and could pose as a physical threat  yet completely bring something new to the table with his own story of how he came to be. An immortal man bent on world domination, who has the ability to strategically carry out his plans as well as defend himself. He is a guy who has a healing factor like a Wolverine, which makes him a very formidable opponent. 

The different characters and personalities within this team will make for something new and exciting from week to week as we dive into the world of these heroes who will become “Legends” which was proclaimed by time traveling hero “Rip” Hunter, how makes up the team which consist of Hawk Girl (Ciarra Renee), White Canary (Caity Lotz) The Atom(Brandon Ruth), Professor Martin Stein aka Fire Storm (Victor Garber),  added within this team are two wild cards Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heatwave (Arthur Darvil). My hope is that Arrow (Stephen Amell) and The Flash (Grant Gustin) will make appearances throughout the show along with other heroes such as Team Arrow characters John Diggle (David Ramsey), Black Canary (Katie Cassidy) and Arsenal (Colton Haynes). It will be very interesting to see Team Arrow’s reaction to Sara’s resurrection as they have mourned her loss throughout the season, her death has created a riff between Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne) and his daughter Laurel. This show does feel as if it will place Atom in more of a Iron Man role as one of its main stars which is pretty cool as I have enjoyed the Atom this past season.

My fear when hearing that the brain trust behind the Arrow and the Flash were looking to create spinoffs I thought it might seem too much like the other, however that notion has been put to rest as this show truly opens up another dynamic that can continue on for seasons to come.
Last year Stephen Amell (Arrow) was asked if he was glad that he didn’t have to answer any of the “will you be in Zack Synder Justice League film” questions and his response were as followings
“Yes, And by the way. Okay. There's a Flash show. We have Firestorm. We have Canary. We have The Atom. Okay. If you want the actual Justice League film - I don't know when it's coming out - you can watch the Justice League on television. The reason I'm happy to not to have to answer the question anymore [of being in the Justice League movie] is because that I think it undersold what we're doing on TV. I would put our degree of difficulty producing 23 episodes of television every year, spinning off the show, giving people the confidence to green light other DC properties - and there's five DC properties on television now - I would put that degree of difficulty up with producing a $250 million film. They are very different things, and I never wanted to feel as though our existence was only going to be justified if we were part of the cinematic universe. That has nothing to do with anything. We are stamping out our own spot. So I'm glad that people know that now”.

Legends of Tomorrow continues to support those very comments to the fullest. The show is set to premier mid-January 2016

Before I head out head out I would like to also share the new trailer for the upcoming Super Girl show starring Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor EL Cousin of Super Man. What the trailer shows of the show thus far looks good, there is also talk this will be in the same universe as the Arrow and The Flash so we could get a potential crossover at some point

Stay Tuned!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Avengers :Age of Ultron: Reflections

Heroic, masterful, epic, a comic nerd's dream come true, action packed from start to finish, symbolic of what Marvel stands for- this is what comes to mind when reflecting on Avengers Age of Ultron. This film is absolutely better than the first although I didn’t think that would be possible; by now I have learned my lesson. Marvel continues to raise the bar film by film, they will no doubt raise the level once more when we see CaptainAmerica Civil War which is shaping up to be one hell of a movie.
All of the Avengers had their moments in the film which easily made their inclusion within the film all for the better. I have to say the opening sequence from the film truly felt as though you were watching a comic book come to life, love this moment in the film.(see below pic)


Now lets get to what events and characters stood out. Vision was my favorite, midway through the film he makes his debut and from that moment on I saw one of my favorite comic characters brought to life, from his looks to powers to his mannerism Paul Bettany truly owned this role, Marvel hit a homerun allowing for Jarvis (Tony Starks’ A.I. system) to evolve into Vision with the help of Thor's lightnening. One of the most telling series of events in the film, which will play heavily into Infinity Wars, is the mind gem, that was in Loki's septor, being used to power Vision; this is interesting as this strays away form how things are set up in the comics as Vision was never powered by an Infinity Gem, but Adam Warlock who will no doubt be in Guardians of the Galaxy. This all makes for a much more interesting story Thor has deemed Vision worthy to wield the mind gem, as he informs the team that having one of the infinity gems on their side can help in the oncoming events. Thor travels to magical waters to uncover that there is indeed 6 power stones that "someone" means to take possession of, this part of the film finally gives our Avengers team at least an idea as to what may be coming. Towards the end of the film Thor informs Captain America and Iron Man that he will investigate more to see who has been playing behind the scenes in an effort to gain these powers stones, this sets up the next Thor Film "Thor Ragnarock".

This brings me back to Adam Warlock, we have seen four of six stones throughout Marvel's phase of films: "Space Gem"-Tesseract, "Reality Gem"-Aether, "Power Gem"-Orb and the "Mind Gem"-Sector which vision now wears in his brow just has Adam Warlock will undoubtedly wear when we get to Infinity Wars. This leaves us with 2 more stones, the Time Gem and the Soul Gem. Stay tuned.

Another character that stood out is the Hulk who is always awesome to watch as he proved to be the big gun as they would say "code green". Director Josh Wedon stayed true to his word in terms of giving the Hulk more screen time for fans to connect with his struggle to hold on to his humanity. Scarlet Witch shows why this team will benefit from having someone with mystic abilities, great character. Overall everyone was awesome Robert Downey Jr. never disappoints, he shows why he is and will always be Iron Man. Chris Evans' Captain America was amazing. Black Widow was her normal action packed spy oriented self. They did give you more of an insight of how she came to be as well which was pretty cool. I will say though, I am not feeling the whole Black Widow and Bruce Banner love thang. The relationship does not flow at all, however it did not kill the movie, just felt a bit off. One of the biggest surprises in the film was how Hawkeye was handled, I loved how they made his character relevant, his character went from someone who I did not care much for and would not mind if he got killed off, to someone who I rooted for throughout the entire film. He resembled the veteran player on a team who can help lead by not only his word but by this actions; they humanized his character to where you could understand him more, finding out that he had a wife and kids was a shocker to not only movie goers but to the Avengers team. Last but not least, the Avengers characters were all on point; the performance of James Spader as Ultron was brilliant, he made you forget that you were witness to a CGI metal bot and allowed the movie goers to fall into the terror that this evil being meant to bring upon humanity, which was pure destruction. Although it is thought that all of Ultron was destroyed, he will be back. Ultron represented both a physical threat as well as a physiological challenge for the team.

Now with all this being said lets all revisit all the questions that I had posed initially for this film, and see what answers were brought to light-Spoiler Warning, for those of you who haven’t see the film.

Q: How will the battle with Ultron ultimately play out in the end? Will Ultron survive the battle? (I think so)

A: The last Ultron bot was killed by Vision, however Ultron can transfer himself into another system in a matter of minutes, something he shows in the film. Ultron quickly had hideouts in place where he created many bodies for himself, Ultron still lives I feel.

Q: Will we lose an Avenger?

A: Yes Quick Silver saving Hawkeye from being gunned down by Ultron

Q: How will Vison be introduced in the film, will he be a creation of Ultron, or another secret weapon for Tony Stark to unleash towards the end of the film to help even the battle field?

A: Vision's body was created by Ultron, the plan was for Ultron A.I. to be downloaded into the Vison which almost happened, a total of 86% (this could come back to haunt the Avengers). Jarvis- Tony Stark A.I. system is ultimately transferred into the Vision with the help of Thor's hammer and the Infinity stone "Mind Gem" which Vision wears.

Q: Will T’Challa aka Black Panther make an appearance. They have said we won't see Black Panther in costume until Captain America Civil War, however that doesn't mean we won't get some kind of cameo from Chadwich Boseman as the king of Wakanda which is said to be featured in the movie due to the Vibranium that is used to create Ultron.

A: Sadly T’Challa does not make an appearance in the film, however the team does travel to Wakanda, Ulysses Klaw a Black Panther villain is in the film. It is revealed that he was branded with a tattoo in the language of Wankanda which meant "thief". His journey to become the powered villain that we see in the comic is set into play when during an exchange with Ultron his arm is completely taken off which sets up the creation of a cybernetic arm made out of vibranium which will emit a supersonic wave.

Q: How will the Avengers and the Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver ultimately team up at the end? At the start they will be enemies.

A: When Scarlett Witch is in the room with Vision body as Ultron is attempting to download himself, inside the capsule the Vision has the mind gem which Scarlett Witch can read showing her the destruction that Ultron means to bring upon the world. Quick Silver and Scarlett Witch thought that he was just set on beating the Avengers as their hometown was destroyed when Tony Star's tech fell into the wrong hands. Once she learns of Ultron true plan the twins team up with the Avengers to stop Ultron.
How will Thanos' presence be felt in a film with so much going on already?
Everything about Thanos as well the coming Inifity Wars are set up the throughout the film. Then there’s the end credit scene in which we see Thanos taking hold of an Infinity Gauntlet saying "fine, I will do this myself".

Q: Who makes up the new Avengers team at the end of the film?

A: This is a part of the film that I looked forward to as a new team led by Captain America and Black Widow emerges at the end. The team includs War Machine, Falcon, Vision and Scarlett Witch. Great team, however if we would have gotten what Whedon had hoped this team would have included both Spiderman and Captain Marvel, but hey I guess good things come to those who wait. See what Whedon had to say on this

Q: How will Thanos' presence be felt in a film with so much going on already?

A: Everything about Thanos as well the coming Inifity Wars are set up throughout the film with the mind gem that Vision has as well as the visions that Thor saw of the 4 infinity stones. Also just as I mentioned earlier he expressed that there is someone behind the scenes playing them as pawns, that someone is Thanos , information he will find in Thor Ragnarok, as his brother Loki worked with him in Avengers 1. Then there’s is that end credit scene in which we see Thanos taking hold of an Infinity Gauntlet saying “fine , I will do this myself”, meaning he will step in and take on everyone himself toward taking hold of all 6 infinity stones.

Q: How will this film set up Captain America Civil War?

A: Throughout the film you see the difference of opinion in how to protect the world between that of Stark and Captain America, which will play into Civil War.

Q: How much of Falcon and War Machine (Iron Patriot) will we see in this film?
Don Cheadles "Rhodey" character gets screen time during the get together at the Avengers tower after the team successfully regain the Secpter from Von Strucker at the beginning of the film. He is makes an explosive appearance during the film's big battle at the end, his character was strategically placed at the best times during the film.
I enjoy Cheadles take on the War Machine, judging from the films we have more War Machine to come.
Falcon is not seen as the falcon until the end of the film, however he is in the film out of costume at celebration event at Avengers tower. He makes mentioned that he is "chasing cold leads" which pays attention to events of Winter Solider as it ended with Falcon and Captain America looking for Bucky.

Q: What Marvel easter eggs will be sprinkled throughout this film?

A: Infinity Stone talk really is what stood out in this film which was all good with me.

Q: And last but certainly not least, will we see the rumored Spiderman end credit scene at the end of the film which will usher him officially within the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

A: No Spiderman as what was explained earlier, however he will be seen in Captain America Civil War, word is Marvel has narrowed down their list of actors however, I feel they have already casted him just have not announce it..stay tuned.

Age of Ultron is a true reflection of Marvel's great story telling that has been brought to the table since 2008 when it started its journey with Iron Man. The greatest of this film only supports the reality that Marvel films remains the standard of excellence that it has created over that of DC/WB films. Marvel will continue its epic strings of stoires in Ant Man due out July 17th and then Captain America Civil War (cannot wait for this film) which is Avengers 2.5 due out in theaters May 6, 2016. Civil War will see the debut of Black Panther in full attire; Ant-Man will be in it as well as Spiderman. The entire Avengers 2 cast will be back as well except for the Hulk who at film ends left to be on his own. He will be back for infinity Wars.
Stay tuned guys this story continues to get better and better. Make mine Marvel!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Here Comes the Suicide Squad

Wanted to post the first official picture of the DC Universe second act in Suicide Squad. The more I see of this film the more intrigued I become of its potential in how good it can be.

I absolutely feel that this film will serve as a better outing than that of Batman v Superman, based off the casting alone. What stands out to me in this film is none other than actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as “killer Croc” so excited to see this Batman villain finally make it to the big screen. Other characters such as Deadshot, I look forward to seeing Will Smith’s portrayal of the character as I feel he will own it by the end of the film; Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn who resembles the look of a Bruce Tim’s Batman: The Animated series version and last but not least Karen Fukuhara as “Katanna”.  I want to see how they handle the “Enchantress” as well, who is portrayed by actor Cara Delevingne.

This film can really make some noise, hope to see some sort of teaser at this summer’s “Comic Con”.  Stay tuned.

Suicide Squad hits theaters in August 5th 2016.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

"The Killing Joke"

So amidst all of the rumblings following the Batman v Superman trailer, which I have to say again was pretty good , Suicide Squad Director David Ayer finally released the first official image of the Joker who will be featured in the film which I feel was casted better than its predecessor “Batman v Superman”. For weeks Jared Leto has posted pics chronicling his transformation into the iconic villain.

I have to say I like this take on the joker, the fun thing about this character is that you can place so many different dark and demented spins, he is a crazy deranged psychopath bent on creating death and chaos all while laughing, I have loved all incarnations of Joker that I have witnessed thus far, with that being said Jared Leto, has some huge shoes to fill following the late Heath Ledger’s performance as well as the legendary Jack Nicholson portrayal of the charter back in 1989 (to hear that date makes me feel so old lol), at any rate I look forward to seeing how much pain and turmoil/dark insanity this Joker brings to the big screen as well as how he plays off of Ben Affleck’s Batman.  The tattoo, metal teeth, definitely gives a different spin to how insane this version can be. His look is reminiscent of another Batman villain Victor Zsasz, a crazed psycho killer who cuts his skin for each person he has killed (he is actually in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, not many markings on him as it was early on in his killing career).

Rumor has it that this Joker killed off one of the Robins, more than likely Jason Todd, who in the comics was killed by the Joker in “Death in the Family”. Note that in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns story arch, which this Batman V Superman universe films has taken direction from, Jason Todd was killed as well. It will be interesting to see how much inspiration this Joker will take from Frank Miller, and really how influential past incarnation will materialize within this take of this “Clown Prince of Horror”.
I haven’t said this much about anything DC/WB has been doing, but I do look forward to seeing how this Joker plays out within this universe, hopefully he will be the Joker who will create his own legacy just as those before him, and a villain worthy of having audiences frozen in horror in anticipation of his next step all the while experiencing through the despair of others the pain his past schemes have brought, or will the Joke be on Jared Leto's performance..stay tuned!  

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Show me what ya got

Well well well. Yesterday marked the first official trailer for Batman v Superman, something I knew would be happening soon due to all of the heat Marvel has been bringing lately with Avengers Age of Ultron; also the success of Daredevil which was absolutely amazing (say tuned to my full thoughts on that series); the news of Spider-Man being a part of the MCU , along with Kevin Feige confirming that Spider-Man in their universe will be in High School; then there’s the awesome Ant-Man trailer and James Gunn talking about Guardians of the Galaxey 2 along with its production title “Guardians 3000”.  With all this being said I haven’t even mentioned all the set pics and hype surrounding Captain America: Civil War as well as Infinity Wars which is rumored to feature the heroes from Marvel Netflix series (Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist) which will make for an exciting ride. Oh yeah then there that little thing called Star Wars episode 7 that released a trailer( i am being extremely sarcastic i am so ready for the new Star Wars film)

So with all of these exciting things that Marvel has been showcasing DC/WB had no choice but to attempt to do something to promote their one and only trick up their sleeve which is
Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.

Although I still stand by my thoughts and feeling of the cast for this film (Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luther) I will say the trailer is decent, it has the look of the Christopher Nolan series which you would expect. Superman looks like Superman. The city looks pretty awesome, the Bat-Mobile has the look of the one from the new 52 as well as Bat-Man Arkham Knight game. However I just cannot get over Ben Affleck as Batman, still not sold on that; although I have to say I am interested to see how good the gray and black costume plays out in this incarnation of Batman, they have gone the Frank Miller/Jim Lee route as reported for the look of the Batman costume which looks great. As skeptical as I am of this film I found myself smiling at the how similar this Batman looked to that of the one from the animated movie the Dark Knight, especially during the scene in which he is coming out of the shadows amidst the destructive debris, looked like a scene pulled from a Frank Miller comic.

I will say, for the record, I had no problem what so ever with Christian Bale’s Batman voice, I think way too much has been made of it, truth be told until this film comes out and prove otherwise he is still the top Batman, but I really like the modulated Batman voice that we hear toward the end of the trailer. “Can you bleed, you will, gotta give a thumbs up for that line, very fitting for the tone and direction this trailer was looking to set up between those thoughts and feelings toward the Man of Steel and the rage that lies within the Bat… wow am I actually giving this film credit, I think it’s time I go check my temperature. I feel it adds to the aura/mystique of the Batman character and makes him darker, more vengeful with a bit of an edge. I also think he sounds like the reverse Flash from the Flash series

With all of this being said, I still need to see more in order to steer me toward really believing in this film, as much as I want DC to come back to the land of the living among Marvel, I’m still just not sure about this film; there is a speck of hope the size of a grain of salt that this film will be that of a good one not great but good. I just feel that there is just too much riding on this film to go wrong and not pan out the way DC/WB would like, but hey who knows maybe miracles do come true. Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

"The Man Without Fear"

The Daredevil is on his way, and I have eagerly been looking forward to his arrival. This is an exciting time for comic book fans all over the world and for those who also love a good dark gritty action drama. Judging from the trailer and all that has been shown thus far, this all has the looks of the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy. That film has had a major impact not just on film(Man of Steel), but also TV see my favorite show in Arrow, and now this. Everything I have seen about this show gives me the feeling that it will be back for a second season and that this character will indeed “graduate” to the big screen, making an appearance in Infinity Wars 1 & 2 and maybe even the Spiderman standalone coming out in 2017 as both Daredevil and Spiderman team up quit a bit in the comics. Overall reviews of Daredevil have been very positive. Note that the two share a villain, Wilson Fisk known as the King Pin that we will see in the Netflix series.

This is an ingenuous move on Marvel's end, to actually market a character who has yet to make a transition to the big screen. This is the first in four Marvel Netflix original shows, following this series will be that of AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage(who am an so ready to see along with the rest of the rest of the world), and Iron Fist. To cultivate all of these shows we will witness the teaming up of these individuals to form the “Defenders” which is pretty awesome, the formula that we witnessed back in 2008 with Iron Man leading the Avengers is the exact formula we will see yet again, it will work just smooth and epic as it did the first time out.  

Today Marvel unveiled the video of Daredevil in his Classic “red" costume that we will see him don later in the series (see above video). Looks so awesome, goes back to my notion once again of how Marvel finds that delicate balance of making you feel as if you are watching a comic book come to life right from the very pages you read, without making it look corny or out of place. This was extremely evident when watching Avengers, from the characters' costumes to the tone and cinematography. Judging from the brief video the costume has that Dark Knight feel to it, which I am all in for. Don’t know about you guys but midnight can't come soon enough as I am tempted to watch the very first episode tonight if Netflix makes it available to watch, if not I will be front and center later tomorrow; either way, I, along with many all over the world will pay witness to Marvel once again showing why they are the #1 and why Dc continues to play the role of the slow footed turtle in the race for comic greatness.  See you in hell’s Kitchen,  as we all follow Dare Devils heroic journey.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Flashing Forward

It’s been a while since I touched on what is the hottest show in television: Flash. The show has been exceeding everyone’s expectations in every way. The way I feel when watching a Marvel move is the same when watching the Flash; more and more as I feel as though I am watching a comic character come to life. The story plots and action sequences all harmonize together as smooth as a Luther Vandross ballad, with the exception of Iris on the show (her character is annoying).

With all that being said, a lot has transpired since the Arrow vs Flash episode.  Barry has learned more about his powers in terms of how to apply them, evident in the last episode when he learned how to phase through a truck in order to disarm a bomb from his arm. The show’s producers are doing a wonderful job in developing his character in terms of growth; feels like he is starting to slowly come into his own towards ultimately becoming the hero who stands alongside the likes of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman with the Justice League. The Flash has had the TV /Comic world in a frenzy over the mysterious Doctor Wells, who a few episodes introduce himself as the reverse Flash Eobard Thawn, who basically went back in time to kill Barry Allen, however would go on to kill his mother resulting in the framing of his father; these events have haunted Barry his entire life. With the aid of his surrogate father Detective Joe (Jesse L. Martin) as well as Eddy Thawn (Rick Cosnett) the trio is investigating the mysterious deaths and events surrounding Dr. Wells. This week’s episodes placed yet another curve ball when it was reveled that 15 years ago the real Dr. Wells’ body had been take over by the evil Eobard Thawn. It is evident that the plan is to steal Barry’s speed force in order to make it his own in order to get back to his time (many years in the future); all in the process he intends to kill Barry Allen and anyone who stands in his way. The awesome action packed trailer leaves you with anticipation.

I know we have the Atom/Flash team up coming in the next episode titled “All-Star Teamup”, this will prove to be yet another great episode in Flash’s belt. I look forward to is seeing the actual showdown between Barry and Reverse Flash for another round, however it seems this time around he has some help in the form of The Arrow and Firestorm, this is going to epic, so bursting with anticipation for this episode for not only the climax of a storyline, but to see what is up with Oliver’s new costume that the internet has been buzzing about; it seems to be league of assassins inspired. Currently on Arrow, Ras al Gaul issued a not so offer to Oliver to join the League and become the next Ras al Goul. Does he ultimately take the offer, or is Oliver wearing the new costume in remembrance of a fallen comrade?

With all this talk about team ups, Reverse Flash and intriguing plots, there is also a certain telepathic Gorilla that is set to make his debut. I look forward to the Gorilla Grood storyline, it seems interesting.

And let’s not forget about the upcoming untitled spinoff that is in the works which will star The Atom, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, time traveler Rip Hunter as well as Arrow actor Caity Lotz, set to make her return back to the Arrow/Flash universe, her character has yet to be announced, as you may recall Lotz portrayed the original Canary until she was killed at the end of episode 1 of this season. I feel she will be resurrected al la the Lazarus pit just as Jason Todd was in the Batman comics.

As the show continues to transition from one story arch to another it has proved to be one fast thrilled ride after another.

Until next time, see you in a “Flash”.