Sunday, August 9, 2015

Time to move over to the MCU

The verdict is in for Fox’s reboot of the Fantastic Four, ultimately the overall reviews have been mixed.  Before going to see the film I prepared myself by going in with low expectations as I was never a huge fan of the film’s direction from the start. As it stands the film is the worst reviewed Marvel film. Rotten Tomatoes has it at a 9% Tomatoemeter score with an average review of 3.4 out of 10. I know Rotten Tomatoes can be hard on films, however those review scores echoes the sentiment of many who have seen this film. When I heard that the film would go away from the traditional Stan Lee and Jack Kirby approach I was not at all that excited; however when they caste talented actors Miles Teller (Reed Richards), Michael B Jordan (Johnny Storm), Jaime Bell (Ben Grimm) and Kate Mara (Sue Storm) it gave me hope that the film would turn out to be a successful reboot. It was clear that by halfway through the film all of my fears would become a reality.  Josh Trank and Fox should have gone with an older veteran cast, not the “Fantastic Four babies”. There is still hope for the franchise if it were brought back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU); the issues would easily be remedied by Kevin Feige and his talented team.
This film initially starts out pretty well, as it flash backs to Reed Richardson and Ben Grimm’s childhood, chronicling Reed’s desire to create a device which could teleport an item to a different location, however as the movie fast forward, it seems there is no build up to Richardson, Grimm, Doom and the Storms receiving their powers. The film took on the identity of being rushed, empty, unbalanced and emotionless. It also lacked the climactic battle you would think a film with five individuals with extraordinary abilities would have. Although I found Doctor Doom’s powers interesting, I did not know or understand what they were. The dynamic between Johnny Storm and father Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathy) was never fully explored; although it was teased, it was left to the audience’s imagination. With the casting of Michael B Jordan, it gave the film a wonderful opportunity to explore and capitalize on the relationship of he, Sue and the father, ultimately putting to bed the unnecessary criticism that Jordan and the studio took by casting an African American in the Johnny Storm role; there was a bit of build up tension between Sue, the adopted daughter, and Johnny, however nothing came of it. Another dynamic that was missed was the exploration of Grimm’s struggle towards holding on to his humanity despite his circumstances.

Have we, as movie goers, been spoiled by Marvel’s MCU films? Ever since Iron Man in 2008, all the way to last month’s Ant Man, Marvel has created such special products that seemly have us wanting more; but with that being said, are we excepting too much out of a film such as this or was it just that bad? I feel that it is more of the latter. With every film Marvel puts out, it continually raises the bar that much more for other films to aspire to, and if they do not, this is what they will get.  This film seemed doomed from opening day when the films very own Director Josh Trank, took to twitter with the following comment:

This clearly just looks like Trank is attempting to save face on a project that did not work out. Needless to say he want be back to direct another Fantastic film, or another film such as this. He was trying to mix in the Fantastic Four Ultimate version from the comics with a whole new take that did not fit within what fans have come to know of the Fantastic Four. This is Marvel’s first family, one of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s early creations of heroes, when will studios get it right by following the source material?

The inclusion of the Fantastic Four within the MCU would allow it to become a part of something much more than their individual adventures. Being a part of that universe makes their solo films that much more entertaining, because at any given time any Marvel character could show up. It would be great to see Reed Richards, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner working together, sharing ideas and fighting alongside each other. It would also be great to see the Hulk and the Thing going toe-to-toe or Spider-Man and his good buddy Human Torch teaming up.  The Fantastic Four have always been front and center within each of Marvel’s biggest stories: Civil War, Secret Invasion, Secret Wars, and Infinity Wars. Sony saw that it needed to allow Spider-Man to become a part of the MCU so that it could get the treatment a character of that magnitude deserves. I, for one, am excited to see their incarnation of the web slinger in Civil War as well as his solo film in 2017 which will no doubt feature cameos from other characters to show that he is part of something much bigger.

So what do you think? Would the inclusion of yet another property be great for the MCU, I look forward to hearing your take on this; do you feel it would be a deal similar to that of Sony and Marvel with Spider-Man?  Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Merc with the mouth has arrived!!!

Well Deadpool fans its finally here, the Official Trailer ,not “leaked test footage” which created an even greater demand for this film from fans during last year’s Comic Con, but the real thing. Ryan Reynolds has been wanting this film and fans have been dying for this film to happen and now in seeing the trailer, it will all come to fruition February 12, 2016, When the “Merc with the Mouth” hits theaters. The trailer is defiantly “Deadpool” like, dark twisted comedy mixed in with violent action, and although I have never been a huge Deadpool fan I am happy for the fans as well as for Ryan Reynolds’s with this film finally happening. This will prove to be great for Reynolds in terms of erasing away those bad memories of him portraying Hal Jordan in that forgettable Green Lantern film. This role is right for him, as it always has been.
(Below are pics of Deadpool with Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus)

This film will no doubt turn out to be a HUGE hit. I mean HUGE as in Avengers type numbers ,fans have been waiting on this film for years. People have been walking around with Deadpool shirts longs before a film had been green lit.
 This will be a gigantic win for Fox's Marvel Films. Oh yeah, and I loved seeing my boy Colossus in the trailer, he looks awesome. Pretty interesting combination with seeing he and Deadpool in the same film together.

Hope you all have a great rest of the week see, I'll be back to share my thoughts on the Fantastic Four and other comic / film news ,  Stay Tuned!!

Ant Man Review / News and Notes

What s ups folks? Since I have been away I have seen Ant-Man twice, yes twice and working on a third! I have come up on a few news tidbits that have caught my eye that I would like to share, so here goes.

Ant Man ***Careful for Spoilers****

This is by far one of Marvel’s best in terms of how funny as well as how they were able to blend such different personas that you would never think to see in a film, such as Paul Rudd (Scott Lang), Michael Douglas (Hank Pym), and TI (Dave). But it works, the surprise character of the film was Michael Pena who portrayed Luis, from his first scene to the very last he was able to capture some of the movies funniest moments that will hopefully be a main stay in the films to come. Paul Rudd was great in his portrayal of an ex-con looking to do right in an effort to be the man he needed to be for not only himself but his little girl. Rudd has this dry sense of humor that made his inclusion within the Marvel Universe that more intriguing as he balances the line of comedy and drama throughout the film. Michael Douglas shows once again why he is a legend in film, truly love the flash back sequences in the film which showed a younger Pym wearing the Ant-Man suit to protect the world back in the day. What the MCU is doing well is it gives its history of its characters and their adventures without it feeling like it doesn’t belong within the movie dynamic, such the scene involving Agent Peggy Carter and Howard Stark meeting with Pym about the use the “Pym Particles” which powers the suites abilities.

Another surprise actor who I feel really showed fans only the tip of what is to come is Evangeline Lilly portrayal as Hope van Dyne, Hank Pym’s daughter. Lilly gave MCU fans a female hero who will absolutely represent. Her character did not seem forced or without purpose in the film. Whether she was training Scott Lang on fighting tactics when using the suit or pleading with her father to use the suit herself, I was happy to see Marvel’s new female hero finally come to light. 

During the film’s mid-credit scene Hank brings Hope to a room which has a newer version of the Wasp costume, a proto type he and his late wife created. Pym’s wife was the original Wasp, however during a mission to take down some nuclear missiles she shrunk down to a size so small she went "subatonic" ultimatley shrinking her out of existence. The new Wasp costume looks just like something ripped from the pages of a Marvel comic, it was awesome. Marvel President/Producer Kevin Feige gave fans of the character a bit of something to chew on when he revealed the following:

“It’s going to be certainly a part of our Phase 3. It is going to be a very important moment, and — spoiler alert! — We see that suit for the first time, and her father now is finally giving it to her and realizes that he can’t hold her back from what is essentially her destiny. It’s going to be a very big part of one of our upcoming films.”

check out this interview via IGN below, which includes not only Feige and Reed but film star Micheal Douglas (Hank Pym) as they discuss many elements within the film including the Falcon role in the film. Great Interview!

There are reports that Wasp was set to appear in Captain America: Civil War, however Feige, thought it best for her debut to be in a different film. We will see if she is in Civil War but she will definitely be in Infinity Wars 1 & 2.

Avenger Cameo: Yes, this film did have an Avenger scene involving Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Scott Lang in the Ant-Man suit going at it. Scott was sent by Hank Pym to retrieve an item they would need to complete their mission to take down villain Darren Cross/Yellow Jacket (Corey Stoll). Pym had plans for an “old shield base” for Lang to travel to in order to get the tech, however that old facility had been turned into the new Avenger’s facility, which sets up this comical and action packed sequence between Falcon and Ant-Man.  

I think Ant-Man director Peyton Reed said it best when talking of the cameo “The kid in me loved it, because I loved the Marvel comics, it’s like okay, this character has these powers, and this one has this and what happens when they go up against on another”. Those very comments shows why Marvel films are tops year in and year out as their producers and directors are fans themselves; they know the material, it’s been a part of them since childhood, and in return you get another hilarious action packed hit in the Ant-Man. Check out the video with both Feige and Reed discussing Ant-Man’s battle with the Avenger.

Captain America Civil War setup Scene

Speaking of cameos, there was yet another scene at the end of the film which was more of a button for Captain America Civil War which showed both Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Falcon capturing the Winter Solider in some short of machine that has his mechanical arm tied down, and in it Flacon informed Rogers that he “knew a guy” that could possibility help them, Ant-Man, which perfectly sets up Ant-Man for Captain America Civil War. 
Below are pics from the end credit footage

Spider Man Reference:

Oh yeah, there also was a Spider Man reference in the film, when Falcon was out looking for Ant-Man after the two battled at Avengers facility, when asking around about a guy who could “Shrink”, an agent informed him that they knew a guy who could “Swing”, Climb Walls” and “Jump high”; sounds like ol’ web head to me. This comes as no surprise, actor Tom Holland has been reported to have finished shooting his scenes in Captain America Civil War. Vulture recently interviewed both John Francis and Jonathan M. Goldstein who will direct the upcoming Spider Man film set to a 2017 release date. Goldstein had this to say:
“Going to Marvel this weekend to look at footage of Tom Hollands cameo as Peter parker in Captain America Civil War” Goldstein also added, “We hear good things”, we might even get a look at the Spidey Suite which is exciting”
I would like to give a huge thumbs up to Director Payton Reed and producer Kevin Fegie, as well as all those who participated in making a movie involving a man shrinking to the size of an ant, it actually works, once again folks: Make Mine Marvel

More Batman v Superman via “Empire” Magazine

The web has taken right away to Empire’s September issue which features a cover with both Batman and Superman, an image on the inside features the two in their civilian clothing as Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. Check out the images below, I have to say I am becoming more and more intrigued with this film. Could this actually be a good film? I’m hoping that I’m proven wrong in all of my worries for this project and that it turns out to be a great film that truly does justice to the great characters within the DC universe. But on the flip side of things I may be better off hoping for “pigs to the fly” lol lol…stay tuned!

Other DC news

Wonder Woman is said to start shooting in London this fall with Director Patty Jenkins. I’ll believe this when I see this!

Justice League is said to start shooting this spring with Zack Snyder (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman) directing. I’ll also believe this when I see it!

Actor Chris Pine (Start Trek, Star Trek into the Darkness) is said to be cast as Steve Trevor for the upcoming Wonder Woman film. In the comics Trevor is a military head who discovers Wonder Woman and ultimately works with her as a bridge between her and the government. No real conversation has been issued about this casting as of now, so we will have to wait.

More Legends Of Tomorrow Casting:

As i had mentioned in the past this was the show that actually brought me back toward actually having a show to watch on Television. Arrow has been my my Dark Knight Triloghy "fix" in many ways as i  have missed what Christopher  Nolan and what Christian Bale brought wit the Dark Knight Films. 

The Arrow has successfully spin off The Flash  and now both The Arrow and The Flash will both spin off another exciting series in Legends of tomorrow which have of recent announced some interesting cast to say the least. lets check what's caught my eye!

Vandel Savage:

Cassper Cruump (Tvillingerne & Julemanden, Julemanden) has been casted as the immortal villain.  Way back during my Justice League casting call,i had picked Savage as the Villain. The DC Cinematic Universe I feel should have jumped on the opportunity to use him in someway for Batman v Superman, with that being said Savage will be an Amazing Villain for Legends of Tomorrow. look forward to seeing the Arrow and crew work towards stopping him.

Here is the villains character description via Variety

"Vandal Savage is immortal, having spent the past 6,000 years moving like a virulent disease through history, whispering in the ears of despots and dictators, all leading to his eventual domination of the world."

Way back during my Justice League casting call,i had picked Savage as the Villain. The DC Cinematic Universe i feel should have jumped on the opportunity to use him in someway for Batman v Superman however all in all this he will be great for Legends of Tomorrow. look forward to seeing the Arrow and crew work towards stopping him.


Falk Henstschel (Reckless , Transcendence) has been cast as the reincarnated hero Carter Hall aks Hawk Man, Ciara Renee has already been cast a Hawk Girl as she was briefly seen during the Flashes season Finale. Hawk Man has always been an interesting character  in my eyes i feel he brings a certain edginess , as well as mystery to the fold, so his inclusion i feel only strengthen / adds to the "Arrow Universe". I feel this will play out just great to see both Hawkman and Hawk Girl in action with the other Heroes. Legends Of Tomorrow will be  next years best comic series , I'm calling it now!

Check out Hawkman character description via Variety:

Described as charismatic and wise beyond his years, Hawkman is a natural-born leader with an abundance of charm and confidence—well, that’s because he’s 5,000 years old. Much like the comic book iteration, Carter retains his memories of his past lives each time he is reborn, though his lover (aka Hawkgirl) is born anew. In other words, Kendra Saunders will have no idea who he is at first. 

Legends Of Tomorrow will be  next years best comic series , I'm calling it now! Legends of Tomorrow will fly into action in  2016 on the CW.

I am out for now; don’t forget to check out Fantastic Four which is set for release this week. Take care and stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Final Fantastic Trailer

This final trailer of Marvel’s first Family, adds to my belief in that the reboot of this franchise will absolutely be a great success. Initially when hearing  that they were going young with the Fantastic Four I was against it, however in seeing the actors that they choose to play these role I feel has made the difference for sure, along with what they have shown within each trailer, as each member of the team are all great actors.

I look forward to seeing Michael B. Jordan in the Rocky spin-off titled Creed, which released its trailer a few weeks back and has turned out to be one of my favorites of the year.

Fantastic Four is set to jump into action in only a few weeks,  August 7th!!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Top Comic Con 2015 Moments

Just like that Comic Con has come and gone, but not its lasting impression. This event was clearly DC/WB opportunity to seize and showcase what they have in store for fans for years to come. Marvel’s Fox division had a few things to show fans, however my excitement came from what Warner Brothers had to show along with its CW properties. All and all I felt this was a pretty decent Comic Con; with that I will take you through my 5 top Comic Con 2015 moments.
And the numbers 

#1 spot belongs to……..

Batman v Superman Trailer

Yes, I know that ever since news broke that Ben Affleck was playing Batman and not my boy Christian Bale, I was bummed to say the least; then came the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman followed by the casting of Jesse Eisenburg as Lex Luther which after what I saw at Comic Con I’m still not seeing it. Despite my misgivings, the trailer was pretty awesome, it captured a bit of what Marvel has mastered in terms of making you feel as if you were seeing comic book moments brought to life. It had everything you would expect for a film based within a Christopher Nolan tone, it had the perfect mix of grit and darkness which made just about every scene as compelling as the next EXCEPT for the scenes with Jesse Eisenburg, each and every time he appeared on screen I was taken out of the trailer. 

My top scenes within the trailer:  the Robin costume no doubt displayed in Bruce Wayne’s lair lending the way to show that Robin has died at the hands of the Mad Clown, the second was the scene showing Batman using his grappling gun to swing from one location to another in an effort to elude some sort of energy blast and lastly the scene involving an angered Bruce Wayne holding a child in his arms after saving her from the destruction that ensued during the Zod and Superman battle. I am actually starting to feel that there is a true glimmer of hope for this film, in that it could actually be dare I say.... be good? Within the next few months I’m really looking forward to see more from the film leading up to its release to officially make the call, I was very impressed with what I saw. The trailer showed Kryptonite, General Zod’s dead body, still have not received confirmation on what they will be fighting in the film as my money is still on Doomsday or something like it made from Zod’s DNA, mark my words.  Great trailer!!

Suicide Squad Trailer

You wanna talk about dark and gritty, this film is full of misfits you would want to keep an eye on at all times. Adding to the major sense of intrigue are characters Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), Dead Shot (Will Smith), Killer Croc and Captain Boomerang. A band of misfits all played by actors fully capable of dominating their roles to the fullest. Cara Delevingne who will play the dark and mystical Enchantress thus exploring the more supernatural side of the DC Universe.  Jared Leto who will be a very different yet great Joker along with Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn). 

Although I feel that they will no doubt turn in great performances I know Adewal Akinnuoye Agbaje  (Killer Croc) will turn in a stellar performance as well. There is something to be said about a band of criminals being asked to go out on missions that may easily result in not many returning all that gives this film a little something special to show, something we haven’t seen since that of one of my all time favorite film in the 1967 film Dirty Dozens staring Jim Brown, Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin. Then there is this element of Joker gone wild which makes this for an even better draw then Batman v Superman. Watching the trailer there is a sense of tragic hopelessness that is brought on seeing a character such as Dead Shot who will be a bit of an Anti-Hero when it is all said and done. Look forward to seeing more from this film as production continues to move forward as this will no doubt be one of DC’s few gems.

Batman v Superman / Suicide Squad Comic Con Panel


CW’s Arrow Panel-“The Green Arrow has arrived” /The Flash Highlight Reel -Panel /Evolution of a Hero Video

Arrow actor Stephen Amell got fans in Hall H in an uproar over his plea to fans to continue sticking with him and his team throughout their adventures during this upcoming Season 4,  before leaving he announced to the fans he will see these adventures not as the “Hood” or the “Arrow , but as the iconic Green Arrow. This news had fans hyped at the conclusion of his speech. This is great news for viewers and fans alike as this is what Oliver Queen’s journey has been destined, for him to take hold of the persona of the Green Arrow. Look forward to next Season with Damian Dark being the show’s villain. As an ousted League of Assassin member, Dark will serve as a formable opponent for team Arrow for sure. There was also concept art of the new Green Arrow costume shown as well, which my opinion looks just like the Arrow costume outside of the shoulder pads and the apparent green overtone, however all in all the costume still looks pretty cool.

The crew from the Flash was on hand to speak about their widely successful show and to tease what is to come, this year it has been revealed that we will see Original Flash Jay Garrick whom I have been a fan of since reading the Flash comics from back in the day, after seeing the show’s finale last year I knew he had to make an appearance when his iconic helmet flew out of the worm hole the Reverse Flash had created in order to return to his time line. Teddy Sears (Masters of Sex) will portray the iconic hero. Flash surpassed my expectations; the show is an ever growing success which I feel will only get better as next season continues to roll along leading into DC Legends of Tomorrow spinoff. The highlight reel is absolutely amazing and successfully pays tribute towards how great this show has become.

CW’s Hero Evolution (Arrow, Flash, DC Legends of Tomorrow)

This was absolutely not only for the fans of the show but for those like me who grew up and still read comics to this day, he comic book style elements displayed throughout this video was pretty clever.

The video chronicles what started off as Oliver Queen’s journey but has led an even bigger universe with The Flash and DC Legends of Tomorrow, awesome!


Fox’s Marvel Comic Con Panel, News and Images

Hugh Jackman last stand as the Wolverine

 During Fox’s panel showed a video of Hugh Jackman auditioning for the role more than 15 years ago, when walking on stage Hugh Jackman  stated to the Hall H crowd “I’ve got three words: old man Logan”.  Take from that what you will, those word confirmed what many fans had been thinking all along,  Wolverine’s final film will be inspired by that of the “Old Man Logan” story, which I found as a good read but not something that should be adapted for a film. 

The story follows a broken down Wolverine years after he incidentally killed all of the X-men while under the control of villain Mysterio. Years has passed and Wolverine is now settled down as an old man with a family struggling to make ends meet, his is bullied by Hulk Family who are a created family of inbreeded siblings made from Hulk and his cousin. The world is filled with fallen heroes such as Captain America who was killed by the Red Skull paving the way for other villains to take over the world, leaving only a few willing to fight such as HawkEye who is blind in the story. Fox will apparently will have to turn in a very different adaptation of this story as they do not have the rights to charters such as Hulk and Hawkeye. Jackman went to assure fans that this will be his last time as the character.  

“As I promised, this next time is my last time putting on the claws, it’s one last time”. Throughout each and every X-men/Wolverine film Jackman added to his legend as one of the top all time actor to portray a comic character along with Bale, Robert Downey Jr, and the late Christopher Reeve. As a fan I am saddened to see Hugh hang up the claws, but extremely happy for him and all he brought to the table the last 15 years as the character.

X-Men Apocalypse Four Horseman Revealed

X-Men Apocalypse, which is the follow up to the largely successful X-men days of future past which will, is now set to follow a young X-Men group in the 80’s. As I mentioned in the past not too thrilled about direction of the X-men franchise as I would have like and felt that the veteran cast should be going up against a villain such as Apocalypse who is a n Ancient Mutant with extraordinary  abilities which in term makes him on of if not the X-Men ultimate villain. 

There was a teaser trailer shown to those in Hall H which gave them their first look at Apocalypse as well as a Mo Hawk wearing Storm. In the comics Apocalypse is accompanied by 4 brain washed mutants who are to serve as his royal guard, those mutants are Angle/Archangle(Ben hardy), Storm(Alexandra Shipp), and Psylocke(Olivia Munn) who is a X-men character I feel is long overdue on the big screen. Apocalypse horsemen are named Death which will be Archangel and then War, Pestilence and famine which will be a mantle takeover by the other 3 mutants. As I mentioned not all that excited about this film, but will keep an eye in how its develops, and what role will Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will play. X-Men Apocalypse is due out May 27, 2016. Check out the cast Panel in Hall H.

X-Men Apocalypse Panel /Fantastic Four Comic Con Panel

Here are both Comic Con Panel from X-Men Apocalypse and Fantastic Four.
Fantastic Four is out in theaters  August 7 and i cannot wait as i feel it will turn out to be a solid film.

Fantastic Four Comic Con Panel

Dead Pool Image of X-Men member Colossus

Love the look of this character seems as though he was ripped right from the pages of the comic! Deadpool hits theaters Feb 12th 2016.

Star Wars Panel

What more can I say than that , this storied Franchised is back and ready to take the world by storm once more decades later just as it did years ago. Was truly awesome to see what I had hope and that is a panel consisting of Star Wars legends Harrison Ford(Han Solo), Carrie Fisher(Leia Organa) Mark Hamil (Luck Skywalker) as Franchise newcomers such as Adam Driver , John Boyega and Daisey Ridley..ok yeah and the director in J J Abrams was on hand too. Great panel man!

There you have it, each and every moment just gets me that more hyped for all that is to come in 2016 because when it is all said and done it will go down as one of the great Comic Movie years in such a time. Cannot wait to see how everything turns out not only on the cinematic side but the television / streaming  side as well with shows such as Arrow, Flash, DC legends of Tomorrow, Super Girl, Marvel Netflix Dare Devil Season 2  and Jessica Jones, we have a lot very exciting stories to look forward to . Stay Tuned for sure!!!!